The Clippers struggled with injuries to key players last season.

Lue was named the new head coach of the LA Clippers for the 2020-2021 season. In his first season, he led the Clippers to a fourth-place finish in the regular season, thanks to a hot shooting performance. In the playoffs, he led the team to the Conference Finals for the first time since its inception.

The first season was good. The second season was the problem. In their second season, they made the play-in tournament but failed to make the playoffs due to injuries to key players.

Last season, the Clippers again failed to avoid a first-round playoff exit. They finished the regular season in fifth place with 44 wins and 38 losses. However, this was due to the fact that their ace Kawhi Leonard (201 cm, F) was injured in the first round of the playoffs. Paul George (203 cm, F), one of the one-two punch, didn’t show up in the playoffs themselves. Without both of their aces, the Clippers once again failed to pull off the upset.

Lue expressed his disappointment. “It was hard and frustrating to watch Denver win a championship last season,” Lue said on the All the Smoke podcast. The reason why is because I saw our potential to win a championship. We have enough pieces on our team. You have two superstars there. You have two superstars, Leonard and George, who are both offense and defense and can make any play you want. But they didn’t make the playoffs because of injuries,” he said, reflecting on last season.

“Some people look at us and say ‘road management’. But you can’t manage on the road in a big stage like the playoffs. 메이저사이트 It’s just that the players are really sick. That’s what makes it hard for us.”

Indeed, Leonard played 52 games last season and George 56. Neither player has played more than 60 games since joining the Clippers. In fact, the Clippers have been underperforming due to injuries despite having a solid roster.

“I told George and Leonard that we need to approach the regular season in a different way next season. We’re going to take the regular season more seriously. Then, no matter who we play in the playoffs, no matter where we play, we’ll be well-rested. I think they both understood that,” he said of his plans for next season.

Will the Clippers be a different team next season after struggling with injuries the past few years? A healthy Clippers team will be a strong title contender.