The ‘golden generation’ of women’s soccer is doing nothing at the World Cup.

Head coach Colleen Bell’s women’s national team fell to 72nd-ranked Morocco 0-1 in their second Group H match at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand on Tuesday (Sept. 30) at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, Australia.

After a 0-2 loss to Colombia in the first leg, South Korea is now two losses away from the Round of 16. South Korea has a realistic chance of reaching the round of 16 if it beats FIFA No. 2 Germany by five goals on Wednesday and Colombia beats Morocco. But given South Korea’s lackluster performance in their first two games, you have to wonder if they’ll even score a goal against Germany. Germany thrashed Morocco 6-0 in the first leg.

This team has been touted as the ‘Golden Generation’. The team is led by veterans with plenty of international experience, including Ji So-yeon, Cho So-hyun, and Lee Keum-min. Kim Jung-mi, who donned the gloves in the second round, is the oldest AFC player to make a World Cup appearance (38 years and 287 days). Park Eun-sun, who is physically fit to compete against the world, has also joined the team. The next generation of mixed-race runners, Casey Eugene Fair (16), also wears the flag.

Support was as plentiful as ever. Head coach Colin Bell has been methodically preparing for the World Cup for the past four years. Bell’s team played two away matches against New Zealand last November. In February, they played in a four-nation friendly in England, facing England, Belgium, and Italy. Sponsor Nike even went so far as to release an exclusive jersey for the women’s team.

But the results were shocking. In two World Cup games, South Korea has conceded three goals and failed to record a single shot on target. Against Colombia, South Korea had just 35% possession and were outshot 5-17. South Korea couldn’t even create a goal-scoring process. Of their 13 crosses, only one was successful.

It was even worse against Morocco, where they were outclassed. South Korea was outshot 16-9, but only managed one shot on target. South Korea had six corner kicks and 14 free kick opportunities, all of which were missed. After conceding the first goal, South Korea completely collapsed.

The most serious problem was mental. South Korea played at less than half their usual level and were crushed by the World Cup. Fans turned their backs on the team as they were losing the mental game, even if they were winning the technical ones. 꽁머니

After the second loss, Bell said, “We played poorly in both games. We are all very disappointed. These guys are so much better than what they showed at the World Cup. I can’t believe we played so poorly.”

Fans hoping to see the ‘golden generation’ in the last dance are disappointed. After the loss to Morocco, Ji So-yeon said, “I don’t know what went wrong. I’m so sorry,” she said, hanging her head. If Ji So-yeon, who is playing her last World Cup, retires, the women’s national soccer team will be even weaker. The already poor state of women’s soccer has become even more shallow.

Fans are no longer hoping for a cinematic miracle like South Korea beating Germany by five goals to reach the round of 16.