fighting spirit.

Acting coach Kim Jin-kyu (48) of professional football FC Seoul made his debut in the round 28 match of the Hana One Q K League 1 against Ulsan Hyundai at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 27th. After former coach Ahn Ik-soo stepped down on the 20th, he quickly overhauled the team.

Acting coach Kim emphasized the spirit of struggle.카지노사이트 Acting head coach Kim, who was a defender who did not mind rough physical fights and wars of nerves during his active career, began his leadership career at Osango, a youth team in Seoul after his retirement. Since June 2020 he has been the coach of Seoul. Acting head coach Kim, who was the head coach, takes the baton and spends the rest of the season. Acting coach Kim was confident that he would be able to see 10 Kim Jin-gyu (excluding the goalkeeper) playing, comparing his active career.

As he said, he showed a lot of activity with the whistle at the start of the game. All players ran without hesitation. Rather, Ulsan was pushed back by the momentum of Seoul. The goal was also scored early. In the ninth minute of the first half, Ki Sung-yueng’s shot hit the Ulsan defender’s body and was deflected to Ilyuchenko. Ilyuchenko shook the net without missing. Although he only scored 2 goals in 15 games with few opportunities, he flew splendidly under the system of acting coach Kim.

The concentration of the players continued throughout the 90 minutes. In the second half, Ulsan’s offensive continued and they conceded two goals, putting them on the verge of defeat. However, in the second half of extra time, Willian scored a dramatic equalizer to save the team from defeat. We didn’t win, but we didn’t give up until the end and earned a valuable victory point.

The four days of preparing while breathing with the players worked. He said, “Four days seems short, but I was able to change a lot of things,” he said. “I heard the difficulties while meeting with the players. It was a messy atmosphere at first, but I followed along well. He has been training well in recent years,” he looked back.

His organizational skills and finesse were left as homework. It is regrettable that he conceded two goals in the second half while putting a lot of effort into the first half. Acting manager Kim said, “Personally, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t we win? That’s why he was well prepared. The opponent was Ulsan and there were many good players. It’s a pity that I couldn’t refine my organizational skills in the second half.”

Seoul fought Ulsan on equal footing and drew 2-2. On September 2, Suwon Samsung and the rival ‘Super Match’ are ahead. Acting manager Kim has to prepare for two consecutive games that are not easy. He said, “The fighting spirit is the first. He announced to his players that if they don’t show that on the pitch, they don’t have a chance. He is aware of the players and will prepare for more players to show their fighting spirit in the future.”