Regarding the transfer of the Saudi Arabia Professional League to the UEFA Champions League, the president of the Saudi Arabian Football Association (SAFF) came forward and said that nothing has been decided yet.바카라사이트

Saudi Arabia’s clubs are sucking up football stars around the world like a vacuum cleaner. After Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Al Nasr after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, prominent stars such as Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, Neymar, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane are flocking to the Saudi Arabia League.

Some media reports have recently come out that they are planning to participate in the UEFA Champions League. This is read as meaning that Saudi Arabia can leave the AFC, which is currently in place, so it is an issue that Korea and other AFC member countries should pay special attention to.

However, Yasser Al-Misehal, president of the Saudi Arabian Football Association, seems to be evolving. Chairman Al Misesahal said in an interview with the Saudi Arabian media <Al Sharq>, “It is just media speculation and nothing has been agreed on this matter.”

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian clubs will compete in the 2023-2024 AFC Champions League West Asia Division, which will open soon. Al Hilal with Neymar, Al Ittihad with Karim Benjama, Al Nasr with Ronaldo, and Al Faiha, the King’s Cup (FA Cup) champions, will participate.