The attitude of the Chinese reporters who asked reckless questions toward Shandong Luneng Taishan coach Choi Kang-hee was extremely rude.

Shandong, led by coach Choi, was already arrogant from the start and was ruthless even when people around him tried to stop him. After drawing 1-1 at Beijing Guanzhan in the quarterfinals of the 2023 Chinese FA Cup held at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium on the evening of August 31, Shandong lost 5 points in a penalty shootout . Won by -4. However, this game was a complete mess after Beijing’s Kang Sang-woo scored an equalizer during the game. Beijing coach Ricardo Soares came to the Shandong bench guarded by Coach Choi and celebrated excessively, causing a problem.

Coach Choi, who had been gently pointing out this issue, suddenly became angry at the aggressive questions asked by a Chinese reporter, and as he left, he asked, “Are you a soccer reporter?” However, the situation at the press conference, which was conveyed only through audio and text, was later conveyed more vividly through Chinese social media.소닉카지노

A video posted on the Chinese portal <Mangyeok> showed a Chinese reporter wearing shorts arrogantly asking a question to Director Choi. I had no intention of recording Director Choi’s remarks on my laptop. Then he sat with his feet crossed and asked Director Choi a question. In the end, an official from the home team’s Beijing side even appeared to try to block this reporter’s questions.

This reporter paid no heed to Coach Choi and said, “1 red card for Shandong Team, OK?” and even pointed at Coach Choi with his finger. I don’t know if the etiquette we know is different from the etiquette in China, but this was not a normal question that would be asked at a press conference, but an attitude closer to an argument.

It’s not just that the questions were aggressive, but that the attitude was very poor. Because of this, Coach Choi had no choice but to get angry and ask, “Are you really a soccer reporter?”