If I rest a lot, my ball doesn’t get better. Wouldn’t there be a difference of 10 to confirm the hold king?”

Will Young-Hyun Park, currently ranked No. 1 in holds and a sure-to-win for the KT Wiz, win the hold king in the second year of his debut?

He has already appeared in 60 games this year, 63⅓ innings, and is firmly protecting KT’s back door with 3 wins, 3 losses, 4 saves, 28 holds, and an ERA of 3.13. It is also Park Young-hyun’s role to control the game when finisher Kim Jae-yoon is not around.

He was also named to the Hangzhou Asian Games team. The main job of 8 of the 12 pitchers is as a starting pitcher. Park Young-hyun is scheduled to defend the national team’s tailgate along with Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok (LG Twins) and Choi Ji-min (KIA Tigers).

The national team will be convened around the 22nd. The Asian Games finals are on October 7. Once the Asian Games schedule is over, the regular season is virtually over.

Noh Kyung-eun (21, SSG Landers) and Koo Seung-min (20, Lotte Giants), who threaten Park Young-hyun’s hold king, will not go to Hangzhou. Park Young-hyun’s position is to widen the gap as much as possible before the national team is called up.카지노사이트

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol, whom we met on the 3rd, said, “Kim Jae-yoon’s performance definitely improves when he rests. When Park Young-hyun and Son Dong-hyun rest a lot, their feel decreases. I think it’s because they are still young and don’t have anything of their own.”

He then added, “I think I’ll gain strength because I’m in first place. I think I’ll have to widen the gap with second place by at least 10 before the Asian Games.”

KT Wiz has surpassed SSG Landers with a strong upward trend in August with a winning percentage of 8.26% (19 wins and 4 losses) and is threatening the LG Twins in first place. Manager Lee smiled, saying, “Cuevas (average ERA in the second half of the season was 1.72) and was on the rise after his return. I was preparing for the final camp, but now I am preparing for the postseason (PS).”

The three-game series against LG starting on the 5th is expected to be a watershed. KT is expected to return to the game against LG by returning key players such as Kim Sang-soo and Kang Baek-ho who were out due to injuries.