Coach Jurgen Klinsmann will not participate in the Legends Match.

Chelsea and Bayern Munich will play a charity match at Stamford Bridge in London, England at 3:15 (Korean time) on the 9th. It is a commemoration of the late Gianluca Vialli.

Coach Klinsmann was included in the charity game. He was named a Bayern Munich legend.

The mere inclusion of Director Klinsmann’s name attracted attention. This is because things haven’t been going well so far.

Coach Klinsmann formalized the three-year, five-month journey to the 2026 North and Central America World Cup finals through his inauguration press conference in March.

There were concerns about Coach Klinsmann. Because his past behavior was not good. A representative example is the part where I led a team via LAN cable while living overseas.

Coach Klinsmann also came under fire for frequent outings and working from home during his time with the German and U.S. national teams.

Even in the process of taking office as the head coach of the Korean national team, his local residence was mentioned as a very important part.

At the time, Director Klinsmann seemed to be aware of this and promised, “Of course I will live in Korea.”

However, Director Klinsmann’s promise is not being properly kept. Except for March and June when he had his international matches, he spent most of his time in the United States where his family was.

In addition, he did not avoid criticism that he was showing an irresponsible attitude as the head coach of the Korean national team, such as focusing on interviews with overseas media about Harry Kane and Lionel Messi entering the U.S. stage and participating in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) group draw ceremony. I’m not able to do it.바카라사이트

After his appointment, he received further criticism due to lack of victories. The warm-up match against Wales ended in a 0-0 draw, with 3 draws and 2 losses, so the hunt for his first win is currently in progress.

Therefore, interest was focused on whether Coach Klinsmann would participate in the charity game.

According to an official from the Korea Football Association, he did not respond to the invitation because it was groundless and his schedule made it impossible for him to participate in a charity match. The list was not updated properly.