Lee Kang-in is back with a bright smile. With a light movement, as if asking if I had been hurt, I shook away any concerns. Whether or not to join the Asian Games will be decided as early as tomorrow.

He takes precise steps, warms up at a fast pace, passes the ball to his teammates, and breathes well.

After trapping the ball, avoid all obstacles and dribble and shoot!

Lee Kang-in, who had devoted himself to indoor training to the point of being covered in sweat after suffering a thigh injury three weeks ago, came out.먹튀검증

Initially, it was expected that recovery would take about four weeks, but Lee Kang-in, who showed a rapid recovery speed, seemed to have no problems running.

What I am most pleased with is the bright expression.

After the transfer, he played in the opening two games in a row and strengthened his position in the team, overcoming the negative injury situation he faced and pouring out positive energy.

Now, attention is focused on the Hangzhou Asian Games, which are just 10 days away.

Lee Kang-in’s addition to Hwang Seon-hong, who is aiming for his third consecutive victory, is essential.

He returned earlier than expected, giving him time to improve his game skills, but it will be decided soon whether he will join and when.

[Hwang Seon-hong/Asian Games national soccer team coach (last 5th): I’m a little anxious because it’s been over a year since we’ve been together (with Lee Kang-in). There is a possibility that I may join the team so close to the first game, so I think I need to think about it a bit and prepare. Personally, I hope to join soon.]

However, as there are local speculations that Lee Kang-in will make his league return this weekend, Hwang Seon-hong’s joining may occur before or after the first group match against Kuwait on the 19th.