The national soccer team, which is challenging for its third consecutive Asian Games gold medal, arrived in Hangzhou, China, where the tournament will be held today.메이저사이트

Coach Hwang Seon-hong said he would not rush the timing of Lee Kang-in’s inclusion in the game and would decide based on his physical condition.

Quite a few fans flocked to the airport early in the morning to watch the national soccer team heading to Hangzhou.

The players’ expressions were bright, perhaps thanks to the warm farewell from the fans and the timing of ace Lee Kang-in’s joining.

Director Hwang Seon-hong made his entry using the four-character idiom, which means breaking a rice cooker and sinking a boat on which to return home.

[Hwang Seon-hong/Asian Games national soccer team coach: “I will do my best to achieve the goal we want by doing my best with a spirit of determination and determination.”] [Baek Seung-ho/Asian Games soccer team captain: “It feels different

. . We will show good performance step by step starting from the game against Kuwait and make sure to win the gold medal.”]

Regarding the timing of Lee Kang-in’s participation in the game, which is of the most interest, coach Hwang Seon-hong says he will not rush.

Lee Kang-in is scheduled to join the team on the evening of the 21st, so he cannot play in the second game, but he can be used as early as the third game.

However, since he has not yet played in a real game after recovering from his injury, he plans to check his physical condition before deciding on his participation.

[Hwang Seon-hong/Asian Games national soccer team coach: “I think we need to calculate at what point Lee Kang-in will be at his maximum and then deploy him. Rather than having him play quickly, I plan to decide the timing of his deployment by considering that aspect.”] The national team has two teams

. After an hour-long flight, we arrived in Hangzhou, where the competition will be held.

Baek Seung-ho, the captain who scored a goal against Brazil in the Qatar World Cup, attracted attention as he continued to receive requests for photos.

This is Park Seon-woo of KBS News.