Even one hit in a game is disappointing. LG Twins outfielder Hong Chang-ki (30), who is showing off his advanced hitting skills, is aiming to become the batting king.

Hong Chang-ki’s striking ability is scary. His batting average in the 14 games he played in September was 0.455 (25 hits in 55 at-bats). He recorded multi-hits (two or more hits in one game) as many as 10 times. There was only one no-hitter.

The best pioneering plan in the KBO League remains. He got 9 walks, including an intentional walk. The on-base percentage was a whopping 0.508. If he gets to bat twice, he gets out alive once. Hong Chang-gi said, “It was a little bad at the end of August, but I think my batting skills are getting better again. I think it helped that I had four consecutive days off due to the recent rainy weather cancellation and a few days off.”

In opportunities, I turned the bat more sharply. In scoring range, he recorded a whopping 0.750 and swept 14 RBIs this month alone. The ideal figure is to create scoring opportunities when there are no runners and to be the problem solver when there are runners. Hong Chang-gi said, “He is coming to bat with the mindset that a solution must be resolved. He is not just waiting.”

Hong Chang-ki, who had been ranked 3rd to 5th, finally rose to the lead in the batting title race. On the 16th, in the Jamsil SSG Landers match, he hit 3 hits in 5 at-bats to take first place. He raised his batting average to 0.340 by stealing his first hit against left-hander Ko Hyo-jun, who had been bothering him with no hits in 7 at-bats in his career. The next day, in the double header, he hit 3 hits in 9 at-bats, leading NC Dinos Son Ah-seop (0.339) by 1 league.

Hong Chang-gi won his first title in his career by ranking first in on-base percentage in 2021. Last year, he slowed down due to strike zone adjustments and abdominal muscle injuries, but he rebounded again this year. Thanks to his concise swing that utilizes his fast bat speed, even batted balls that are not straight hits turn into hits. There was only one home run, but he hit 33 doubles (1st place) thanks to his quick feet.

Hong Chang-ki’s focus is still on ‘getting on base.’ Hong Chang-gi said, “I know who the contender for batting title is,” but “I don’t think about it in particular. I won’t know what will happen until the end, so I will work hard.” He laughed and said, “Senior Park Yong-taek told me, ‘You should do it when you can.’ I think he probably wants it to be received. I have to do it well.”

LG has virtually begun the countdown to winning the regular season. The magic number is ’18’. Considering the number of games remaining, it is a gap that is difficult for KT to overturn. The atmosphere in the dugout is also good. No matter who hits a home run, everyone puts their arms around each other and cheers. Hong Chang-gi said, “The atmosphere is really good. The hyungs set the mood well, so we just have to follow along.”스포츠토토

The reason LG fans love Hong Chang-ki is because he is not a player who only walked the flower path. As a pitcher at Ansan Technical High School, he focused on batting late because of the Yips and hit .400. However, he did not receive a nomination, and he gained attention by entering Konkuk University and playing as an outfielder. However, even after becoming a pro, he found it difficult to overcome the fierce competition in LG’s outfield, so he enlisted in the military (National Police Agency Baseball Team).

Hong Chang-ki, who began playing in the first team in 2020, his fourth year as a professional, is considered a player who will continue the lineage of LG left-handed hitters led by Lee Byung-gyu and Park Yong-taek. Hong Chang-gi said, “I haven’t played (full-time) for a few years yet. Compared to my seniors, I have to compare myself to who I am and do better.”

Hong Chang-gi ranks 4th in win contribution compared to replacement (WAR) among fielders, following Noh Si-hwan (Hanwha Eagles), Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom Heroes), and Choi Jeong (SSG Landers). Among the four players, the team’s performance is the best. As of the 17th, Hong Chang-ki, who ranks first in runs scored (100) and on-base percentage (0.452), can also challenge for MVP if he wins four awards including most hits (157, third place) and batting average. Hong Chang-gi laughed and said, “That’s too much…” and added, “Si-hwan is hitting well, and Eric Peddy is throwing well, so I don’t think about it.”